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Environment and Sustainability at SIP Scootershop

Corporate Responsibility


“Being human means being responsible.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) 

This is not only true for individuals but also for us as a company. Which is why back in 2005 we started to stand up for social purposses. True to the motto 'SIP Aid: Scooterists help!' we donate 1€ per online order to social institutions like SOS-Kinderdorf or Arche Deutschland. Details about the SIP Aid project.

A responsible approach towards the environment is another crucial element of our corporate philosophy. We know that resourses cannot only be used but also have to be protected. When we built the new SIP headquarters in Landsberg, we put great emphasis on sustainable cunstruction methods and by now we work in an energy-optimised building with eco-compatible gasfired heater.



In 1990 the European Union decided to aim towards the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% until 2020. The current level (October 2012: 17,5% below the initial value) allows to draw up a positive interim balance*. So far so good. SIP Scootershop keeps looking ahead of course and does its bit to make this great trend continue. With climat-neutral parcel shipment for instance. Last year alone we were able to compensate 26.3t Co2 by sending more than 52.000 parcels by DHL GoGreen. The video shows you, how this works:




Bavarian Environmental Pact

The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian state government and the Bavarian economy. It is a voluntary, self-responsible cooperation. The Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian economy explain the Environmental Pact as its strong belief that natural resources can be better protected by means of a voluntary and reliable cooperation between government and industry than by laws and regulations. With our actions taken we meet and exceed already the requirements of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.







For us, the protection of the environment starts with the little things of our daily (shipping-)routine. The cardboard and filling materials that we use for the parcels (the only exception here: overseas/air freight) are therefore made from recycling paper instead of bubble wrap. Now we even move one step further and eliminate plastic envelopes for the sake of envelopes made of recycling paper. With 120.000 envelopes used per year this is certainly another vital improvement towards a sustainable day-to-day working routine.

And we're just getting startet. We have a lot on our agenda as fas as the protection of the environment, sustainability and a responsible design of the future are concerned. Here, in the 'SIP GREEN' section, we'll keep you up to date with current projects. So make sure to drop by every once in a while...


Electricity from 100% hydro power

Nuclear power has lost its clean image long before Fukushima. Electricity made from fossil fuels harms our atmosphere by massive co2 emissions. We therefore switched the power supply of our headquarters in Landsberg to green electricity made from 100% hydro power. The green power of our regional supplier 'Lechwerke' has officially been approved and certified by TÜV Süd.


Your opinion counts!

Any ideas how we can further improve our environmental compatability and sustainability? We're looking forward to your input. Just drop us a line: [email protected].




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