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The SIP Story


The summer of 1994, Barth and Jodl became a fixture at every scooter meet, selling their own specialty tuning parts along with an array of accessories. Soon, both became frustrated at the limited supply of quality tuning and custom parts.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story
SIP Scootershop: SIP Story
Straightforward, a cool shop with the hottest assortment in the scooter world!!!

Alexander Lehr,

The huge assortment! That's what it is: you have simply everything...

Jakob Leppert,
Ruf, Achern

Shop is really neatly arranged, the detailed views are super, complete internet presence is flawless!!

Marius Haller,

Your website is fantastic, its the best one I have ever seen.

Martin Powell,
Bacup (UK)

Our story begins back in 1989, when both Barth and Jodl started tinkering around on their own Vespas. Not satisfied with available tuning products, they started designing their own specialty parts.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

It didn't take long for word to get out: soon, friends and acquaintances were lining up to purchase their parts. Scooter Innovation Parts, aka, SIP, got off to a running start; soon both were in close contact with tuners and suppliers in the scooter scene of that time: Stefan Onken from Nordspeed Tuning, Paul Melici from PM Tuning and Jim Lomas from JL Exhausts, to name a few.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

Things were getting crowded in their modest shop, so in 1996, SIP Scootershop moved their headquarters to rented rooms in former barracks. Their first mail order catalog hit the streets - and was followed the next year with another new catalog with practically double the amount of articles.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story
SIP Scootershop: SIP Story quote start
Your company is the best scooter supplies company I have come across. I only use English companies because they are nearer, but if I want anything that I know will be right and guaranteed to be delivered and expertly packaged, I come to you. I know you never let your customers down as most of my friends use you as well and they rave about you. Keep up the good work guys! It is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Jamie Kerr,
Lancaster (UK)

I love the new Demonstrator N8RO, that's the hottest scooter around!

Patrick Finke,

Your home page is very easy to use, I can find everything very quickly.

Patrick Wank,

The quick delivery, the perfect packaging, the quality of your products and the service is fantastic.

Roland Krischker,
Freiburg im Breisgau

From then on, a new catalog came out almost every year, and the amount of items doubled with each and every catalog. Soon, their first English catalog was presented to a growing circle of scooter afficianados: SIP was moving on in the international scene.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

1999 came and SIP kept on growing. Parts and accessories for automatic vehicles joined the increasing amount of products now offered. Not only was SIP's pallet of products growing: the rented rooms were groaning at the seams, so Barth and Jodl decided to take over most of the building: 1000 sq. meters, that's practically 11,000 sq. feet.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

SIP Scootershop was now one of the biggest mail order shops for motor scooter parts and accessories - thanks to a wide range of products and a team of 15 motivated, ardent scooter fans. Each member of the team, girlz and boyz, owned and piloted at least one, if not more, scooters.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

The winter of 2002 opened a new capital in the SIP Scootershop Story. Once again, the rented rooms were virtually busting out, and field warehouses had to be rented to hold the ever increasing amount of articles. An old Ape TM from the 60's was continually trucking stuff back and forth from warehouse to shipping department much to the amusement of the neighbors.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

The amount of time lost wasn't amusing: SIP's principle was quick and efficient delivery to their customers. This time, SIP needed a home of it's own: room for a call center, offices, shop, workshop, warehouse and shipping. Alexander Barth and Ralf Jodl put their heads together and came up with plans for a striking new building to be built in Landsberg's industrial zone. Deployment took one whole week, day and night, for SIP to move into it's new location.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story
SIP Scootershop: SIP Story quote start
Simply a super web shop with an immense selection of products! I never had any trouble finding what I'm looking for. Keep up the good work!

Stefan Hacker,

Scootershop GmbH - out of Landsberg, making scooter riding safe for everyone.

Dr. Thomas Goppel, Bavarian Minister of Science

Your web site has class - is well structured and complete.

Thomas Eisele

Macht weiter so! Bis jetzt war alles mehr als Perfekt!

Rainer Pilgermair,
Hall in Tirol (AT)

Im Januar 2006 we got attendance from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Dr. Thomas Goppel, Bavarian science Minister, was inspired and enjoyed the large collection of Vespas in our shop.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

Same old story, same old tune: SIP Headquarters needs more warehouse room. A new high-rise warehouse was added, an additional 600 sq. meters floor space (that's circa 6,500 sq. ft.), 10 meters high (circa 33 ft.), in all, SIP now has more than 2,500 sq. meters warehouse space (ca. 27,000 sq. ft.) needed to store over 23,000 articles!

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

The SIP team has grown to 50 members, with more than 400 sq. meters office and shop space. A modern logistic system installed in February 2007, now enables SIP Scootershop to ship 400 packages each and every day. And the beat goes on.....

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

SIP Scootershop GmbH is an approved apprenticing company of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) since 2000. Every year, 2 to 3 apprenticeship training positions in commerce and warehousing are available. The mail order company is training its apprentices in order to fill future job vacancies with qualified young staff members. Thus, it is important for every apprentice to keep the following in mind: personal commitment combined with an outstanding examination performance are the perfect basis for a successful professional start after the vocational training.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

An exceptional example of this strategy can be found in summer 2007 Kathrin Brand, who spent her vocational training as a businesswoman engaged in wholesale and export trades with SIP Scootershop: her outstanding examination performance made her the best apprentice in this trade in the entire state of Bavaria.

The president of the Bavarian Assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hc. Mult. Erich Greipl, congratulated the graduate as well as the training institution “in recognition of remarkable services for the vocational training” and handed over a certificate of recognition to each of the two.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story

The SIP Logo

Not only does SIP have a story, it's name has one too.

In 1994, on their way back to Landsberg from a scooter meet in Aachen, Alexander Barth and Ralf Jodl decided to start their own business. The first question was: what shall we call our new business? It should be short, sweet, and to the point - and understandable abroad.

The two didn't intend to simply sell parts manufactured by someone else: they wanted to develop their own program of custom and tuning parts, and so after discussing it for a while, they came up with Scooter Innovation Parts.

SIP Scootershop: SIP Story SIP Logo
The full Monty in three words, what more could you want? Now, what about a logo? Three words are simply too long, even though it's only three words. The solution was obvious: S.I.P. (pronounced sip).

The logo should reflect the form of a Vespa: rounded. That's why they chose a nestled oval form. The script is like that of the film hit 'SPEED', with Keanu Reeves.

SIP Scootershop and the SIP logo are patented both as word and design.

The SIP slogan belongs to the logo and is exemplary for both SIP Scootershop assortment and team: performance & style.

SIP Logo 200 Pixel


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