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20 Years SIP Scootershop

20 Jahre SIP Scootershop - Alex und Ralf 1995The story begins back in 1989, when both Alex Barth and Ralf Jodl start tinkering with their Vespa scooters. Not satisfied with the available range of spare parts and tuning components, they start designing their own special parts. It doesn't take long for word to spread: soon, friends and acquaintances are lining up to purchase parts and Scooter Innovation Parts (aka: SIP) gets off to a running start. Soon both are in close contact with tuners and suppliers in the scooter scene of that time: Stefan Onken from Nordspeed Tuning, Paul Melici from PM Tuning and Jim Lomas from JL Exhausts, to name just a few.


In the summer of 1994, Alex and Ralf have become a fixture at every scooter run, selling their own special tuning parts along with an array of accessories. Things were soon getting crowded in the first modest shop, so in 1996 SIP Scootershop moves the headquarters to rented rooms in former barracks. Their first mail order catalog hits the streets - and is followed the next year with another new catalog with practically double the amount of articles. From then on, a new catalog is published almost every year, and the amount of items doubles with each of them. Soon, the first English catalog is presented to a growing circle of scooter afficianados: SIP is moving on in the international scene.


1999 comes and SIP keeps on growing. Parts and accessories for automatic vehicles join the increasing amount of products now offered. Not only is SIP's pallet of products growing: the rented rooms are groaning at the seams, so Alex and Ralf decide to rent the rest of the building: 1000 sq. meters, that's practically 11,000 sq. feet. At the beginning of the new century, SIP Scootershop is already one of the biggest mail order shops for scooter parts and accessories - thanks to a wide range of products and a team of 15 motivated, ardent scooter fans. Each member of the team, girls and boys, owns and rides at least one scooter.


SIP Scootershop APEThe winter of 2002 opens a new chapter in the SIP Scootershop story. Once again, the rented rooms are virtually bursting, and field warehouses have to be rented to hold the ever increasing amount of articles. An old Ape TM from the 60's is continually trucking stuff back and forth from warehouse to shipping department much to the amusement of the neighbors. The amount of time lost however isn't amusing: To ensure a quick and efficient delivery, SIP needs a home of its own: room for a call center, offices, shop, workshop, warehouse and shipping. So Alex and Ralf put their heads together and come up with plans for a striking new building to be built in Landsberg's industrial zone. It takes one whole week, day and night, for SIP to move into its new location.


We also found some video footage of the SIP move in 2002. Check out this clip:




In 2007 a new high-rise warehouse is added, equaling an additional 600 sq. meters floor space (that's circa 6,500 sq. ft.), 10 meters high (circa 33 ft.). All in all, SIP now has more than 2,500 sq. meters warehouse space (ca. 27,000 sq. ft.) storing over 23,000 articles! The team has grown to 50 members, with more than 400 sq. meters office and shop space. A modern logistic system installed in February 2007, now enables SIP Scootershop to ship 400 packages each and every day. And the beat goes on...


SIP Scootershop GmbH is an approved apprenticing company of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) since 2000. Every year, 2-3 training positions in commerce and warehousing are available. The mail order company is training its apprentices in order to fill future job vacancies with qualified young staff members. Thus, it is important for every apprentice to keep the following in mind: personal commitment is the perfect basis for a successful professional start after the vocational training.


In the summer of 2007, Kathrin Brand completes her training as a wholesale and export clerk as the best apprentice in this trade in the entire state of Bavaria. In 2011 Sebastian Bauch follows en suite and completes his apprenticeship as an office clerk with a final grade of 1.1 as the best trainee of the year.


In 2009 the company celebrates its 15th anniversary and looks into the future with great confidence: For the next year they plan a close collaboration with one of the leading manufacturers of high quality tuning parts is: SIP Scootershop is about to become MALOSSI’s exclusive sales partner in Germany. In the same year the Scooter Cross Landsberg gets the SIP Team back down to earth. Literally. Despite mud, dirt and bruises and the guys are already looking forward to another round of off-road racing fun.


The following years are characterized by a growing internationality. After trips to the USA and Asia, Ralf is travelling to Russia in 2011. Mission: Vespa. Some other members of the SIP team are fond of travelling, too. Each year the embark on a journey together, riding their scooters to Italy, France, Croatia… and each year they return with the same realization: No matter where you are going, the love of Vespa scooters unites people all over the world. Taking this into account, SIP launches a multilingual version of the webshop, enabling their customers to shop in 10 different languages.


Nobody in Landsberg doubts that success and responsibility are going hand in hand. Alongside SIP AID (the company’s social commitment and support of various local and international aid projects) SIP is contributing a great deal to the protection of the environment. According to the Motto ‚SIP Green‘ the SIP team incorporates various elements (such as: climate-neutral shipping, hydroelectric power and packaging material made from recycling paper) to increase the sustainability of their everyday working routine.


In 2012 the Classic catalogue is published. It has taken the SIP team 1.5 years to finish the mammoth project. 940 pages filled to the brim with parts, tech tips and pictures. Available in German and English, the new catalogue is a huge success and motivates the team to go one… two… three better: During the following months they publish three more catalogues, covering not only their in-house products, but also their range of parts for Lambretta and Modern Vespa scooters.


As far as marketing is concerned, the following year comes with a bang, too: Alongside the new customer magazine Curve (the first edition is published in the summer of 2013), SIP supports, visits and organizes various events. While 1500 international guests had found their way to the Motorscooter Customshow in Landsberg in the spring of 2013, SIP’s participation in the EICMA trade fair successfully rounds off the year.


Everyone at SIP is very much looking forward to 2014. 20 years… who would have thought it when Alex and Ralf started out in the basement of Ralf‘s parents and sold their first parts on scooter runs? For the anniversary year, the SIP guys have several treats up their sleeves. One of the highlights will be the SIP Scootershop Open Day XL, May 10 – save the date! Of course they will also set out for another Joyride, so keep July 5 free, if you fancy a ride through the alpine upland...





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