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Information about our Privacy Policy

  SIP Scootershop’s strategy for privacy covers assembly and use of personal information that occurs through contact and interaction with SIP Scootershop, for example, when you visit our web site, when you purchase products or services, or when you contact our call center. Please take a few minutes and read the following document to inform yourselves about our information practices, what types of information we gather, how the information is used, for what purposes and to whom is it disclosed, and how we protect your personal information. Here at SIP Scootershop, your privacy is our highest priority and we try our best to protect you.

Why do we collect personal information?

SIP Scootershop collects and utilizes personal data to ensure exemplary customer service, to increase access to products and services, and create an optimal choice of products.

What type of data is collected?

Primarily, your personal information is used to offer you the best possible customer service. Of course, only information relevant to the respective situation is asked. This includes name, your address, telephone number, email address and your preferred type of contact or credit card information. Improvement of customer services includes gathering information about past purchases of SIP Scootershop products together with date of purchase and product specifications and information in conjunction with customer services and/or service problems. Furthermore, we use information, such as which scooter model you own, to get to know our customers better and to offer you exactly the type of service you need. It is through data compilation that we learn which information is effective for you and which area of our web sites and internet services can offer you comprehensive information, the type of information that you are most interested in.
Use the system to your personal advantage! You can now create your own personal profile when you log in to our SIP Scootershop web site. Here’s how it works: create a personal profile with your name, telephone number and email address – and at the same time – create a personal security zone when by creating a user name and a password! Our security system then creates a memory file and gives you a personal SIP Scootershop ID, which is usually your own email address, making it easy for you to remember. So, the next time you place an order in our SIP Scootershop Store, all we need is your user name and password - the system does the rest for you – saving you time and convenience.
When you take part in the Forum on the SIP Scootershop web site, please remember, that posted information is viewed by other users. Data provided by you and read by others, can reveal personal information. Please don’t forget that your personal information can be used by others to send you unasked for communication. SIP Scootershop is not responsible for any personal information you may reveal in the Forum. Please take necessary precautions to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet.

When do we share your personal data?

SIP Scootershop takes serious precautions to protect your personal information. You can be sure, that SIP Scootershop neither sells nor lends your contact information – to anyone. Address data necessary for shipment is shared with DHL or UPS. These businesses are committed to absolute cooperation with SIP Scootershop’s security strategy to protect your personal data.
The possibility can occur, based on ordinances and law, that we may be impelled to share your personal data with the authorities.

How de we protect your personal data?

SIP Scootershop employs a series of security measures, including administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against lost, theft or abuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.
The SIP Scooter Online Store uses Secure Sockets encryption (128 bit) on all pages where your personal information is required. In order to make purchases from the SIP Scootershop Online Shop, you must use an SSL – enabled browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or later). This will ensure your personal and credit card information remains confidential while being transmitted over the Internet.
Help us help you by protecting your personal data on the Internet. A periodical change of passwords using combinations of letters and numbers is a necessary precaution in addition to using a secureweb browser such as Firefox or Safari.

Integrity of your personal information

SIP Scootershop uses safeguards to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete, and up to date for the purposes for which it is intended. Of course, you have free access to yourinformation and the right to change information as necessary. This way, your contact information is always correct and complete. You can do this in your user area. To obtain a copy of your personal information, contact us at the email address below.

Cookies and other technologies

Like many other business websites, SIP Scootershop’s website uses “cookies” together with other technologies to gain insight into what’s popular, which areas are used most and how much time is spent there. SIP uses cookies and other technologies to create efficient communication with our customers and analyze data to create better functioning customer services. Furthermore, we use cookies to adjust our website to your needs and increased comfort when navigating our sites.
Knowing your first name lets us greet you personally the next time you visit us at our SIP Scootershop Store. Further information, such as the country you live in and your language, helps us to upgrade services when you make online purchases. Best of all, knowing which type of vehicle you own, contact information and computer data help us give you highly personalized service.
Like most websites, certain information is automatically stored in log files. This includes Internet protocol(IP) addresses, Internet service provider (ISP), browser type, operating system, referring/exit pages, date/time stamp and click stream data.
We use the gathered information to analyze trends, for website administration, to follow user movementwhen navigating our website and to comprehend demographical data of our user base. SIP Scootershop does not use gathered information to do direct marketing to individuals.

Sporadically, we use the so-called “click-through URL”, linked to particular content on the SIPScootershop website. When you click an URL address, you pass through our web server before you arrive at your destination on the web page. We follow this click-through data to determine which topics gender the most interest and to improve communication efficiency to your customers. If you do not wish this information to be tracked, refrain from clicking text or graphic links to external pages.

A company commitment to protect your privacy

As we previously mentioned, SIP Scootershop takes your wish for privacy seriously. To guarantee your personal data full protection, all SIP Scootershop employees are not only informed of our guidelines, we make sure security guidelines are enforced within the company. Additionally, SIP Scootershop actively supports industry measures – for example, Online Privacy Alliance and the program, SecureSite, for protection and support of privacy rights in the Internet and all aspects of electronic commerce. Furthermore, it is not our policy to collect personal information from minors, nor do we ask for their personal information.

The SIP Scootershop website contains links to other companies, for example, DHL, UPS, SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. SIP Scootershop does not take responsibility how these companies handle your personal data. We recommend you investigate the personal information protection programs of these companies.

Questions about privacy?

If questions or concerns arise about SIP Scootershop’s strategy for customer privacy or data processing, please send us a message via email. We will answer your enquiry within 30 days.

[email protected]

We reserve the right to change SIP Scootershop strategy for customer privacy as needed. If major changes are forthcoming, notification of change together with an updated version of SIP Scootershop strategy for customer privacy will be published on our website.

SIP Scootershop is a licensee of SecureSite, a program designated for protection of data and personal information. SecureSite is an independent nonprofit organization whose main objective is to improve and secure confidence in Internet usage. This occurs through support and implementation of fair information practice. As evidence and proof of our engagement for protection of your privacy rights, we have asked SecureSite to inspect and certify SIP Scootershop.

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SIP Scootershop is a licensee of SecureSite, a program designated for protection of data and personal information. SecureSite is an independent nonprofit organization whose main objective is to improve and secure confidence in Internet usage. This occurs through support and implementation of fair information practice. As evidence and proof of our engagement for protection of your privacy rights, we have asked SecureSite to inspect and certify SIP Scootershop.

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The SecureSite seal of approval stands as our readiness to disclose the following information: type and extent of personal data collected by us; your options regarding data acquisition, use and transfer, existent security measures to protect loss and prevent abuse of data in our possession, as well as the possibility to correct defective or inaccurate data. The SecureSite program only covers data collected by this website, not data possibly collected by software loaded by this website.

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