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Paint 1K, spray, red, Vignola

clear paint art. no. 14997805
necessary !

Irritating, extremely flammable

PIAGGIO used to make their paints available in practical spray cans. Regrettably the choice of colour was very limited. The most common and well known colours were never available from PIAGGIO and now their limited range of spray cans is also history.


To ease this deficit we have decided to produce these paint sprays ourselves in all the common original PIAGGIO paint colours and codes. The colour code (e.g. 544 ) of your scooters paintwork can be found on its VIN plate or vehicle documents.


These 400ml cans are equipped with 'fat-cap' spray head caps. This enables a fine, perfect spray of the paint particles and an improved distribution and amount applied. The can has all relevant propellants included and as it is a 1K-product has no need of an extra hardener component. This also means that after only partial use the can be inverted and its delivery tube freed of excess paint for future use.


Depending on your type of paint, sometimes a layer of clear-lacquer must be applied once the original layer of paint has dried properly. Metallic paintwork requires a special type of clear lacquer paint: (#14997805), matt paintwork another: (#14997806). Normal types of paint do not require this extra layer of clear lacquer. According to component to be painted we recommend the use of 2K clear lacquer over your paintwork, whatever the colour. This makes your scooters paint resistant to otherwise corrosive substances such as petrol and oil etc.


Please note: Before use instructions can be viewed and downloaded at “your options -> article info download”


SIP-TIP: To completely realise the brightness of these colours, they should be applied over a white base coat of paint (#14997804). Matt and metallic paints require separate types of clear lacquer in a protective layer (Matt: #14997806, Metallic: #14997809). Without clear lacquer the colours remain matt and the pigmentation is not clearly visible. The spray pistol accessory (part no 14075000) makes spray jobs so much simpler!

14997805 20,90 €
(46,44 €/Ltr)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
14075000 11,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
14997804 25,00 €
(55,56 €/Ltr)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
41310000 9,30 €
(3,72 €/100ml)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
81500000 9,00 €
(3,60 €/100ml)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
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(69,75 €/Ltr)
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14074100 25,00 €
(62,50 €/Ltr)
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14074200 27,90 €
(69,75 €/Ltr)
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19,90 €
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