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Brake Disc RMS Standard, for

Vespa PX 125-200 E `98/MY/`11
/Sprint 50-150ccm/LML Star
125-200 2T/4T,
also for GRIMECA Classic NT
Ø 200/97/4 mm,

The brake disc should be changed as soon as it shows the first signs of wear. The disc not only wears down on the basis of kilometres/mileage. Extreme changes in temperature, caused by heavy braking followed by rapid cooling, can also case cracks and fissures. The surface of the disc also has to be smooth and level.


A wide range of brake discs are available for the different Vespa models. All of the discs are measured Ø 200/96,5 - 97mm and have a 5-hole attachment. With the standard brake discs you can choose between RMS and PIAGGIO.


The following highlights are available on the Race brake discs:


GALFER Wave: The special 'Wave' design of the GALFER disc dissipates the heat significantly better and therefore prevents the brake system over heating, optimising the deceleration. The Extreme provides even better deceleration values and superb visuals. The grooves in the brake disc also ensure a superb braking performance. This, of course means that the wear on the brake pads is a little heavier, which is why we recommend using sintered brake pads for an optimum braking effect with lower wear at the same time.


POLINI RACE/ROAD: In cooperation with the brake manufacturers Braking, a 5-times float-mounted and lasered wave brake disc has been released. This is perfect in combination with Race brake discs. The road version has a noise dampening. Attention: To guarantee a free movement of the disc, it might me necessary to modify the brakedrum/increase the clearance...


MALOSSI WHOOP springs: radical design, stainless steel, strong initial braking effect, high thermal conductivity due to the bigger surface, does not go out of shape due to heat, good self cleaning of disc and pad. For all types of weather and terrain!


CRIMAZ: Stainless Steel, vacuum refined, Very high quality and precise manufactured.


Conclusion: The Race brake discs make the front tyres squeal !


SIP-TIP: Order new brake pads at the same time!

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  563246 (PIAGGIO), C-3721415 (LML)

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30021000 6,90 €
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MV649874 59,00 €

incl. VAT  plus shipping.
M7613464B 5,90 €
(2,36 €/100ml)
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14230000 3,50 €
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MV649872 62,00 €

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56324600 39,00 €

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GF650RW 159,00 €

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MCS2302 63,00 €

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GF650W 45,00 €

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M6217456 159,00 €
(159,00 €/Stck)
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R22510016 10,90 €

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R22510030 10,90 €

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81074000 6,90 €

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M629088 11,90 €

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27114700 0,90 €

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RMS Classic
Chassis LX/LXV/S - Fork/Steering Column

47,00 €
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700g / piece
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