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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions related to the shipping of your order


1.1 Where is my parcel?

SIP Scootershop ships parcels with three different courier services, DHL, UPS or FedEx. As soon as your parcel is ready to be shipped, you will receive an automatic shipping confirmation from us by email. In this email you will find more detailed information about your parcel. Moreover, you will find an overview of all past parcels that have been shipped to you in the User Area of our webshop when clicking on the button “orderdetails”. You can also track your parcel here.


1.2 I have successfully finalized an order and would like to have my order shipped to a differing delivery address now. What do I have to do?  

As long as you haven’t received an email confirming that we have successfully shipped your order, you can call our hotline at +49 8191 96 999 69 and tell one of our service agents about your change of address. If your parcel has already been shipped, you can also call our hotline because any change of the delivery address at this late stage of the order process can only be authorized by the shipper. However, such a change of the delivery address will incur additional costs. 


1.3 The shipping costs for my order are higher than was originally displayed as the final cost during finalisation of my order in the webshop. Why?

In cooperation with DHL and UPS, we here at SIP Scootershop can offer you a value for money € 5 flat-rate on orders that we send to addresses here in Germany, along with many other EU countries. For addresses in countries without this flat-rate option UPS and FedEx charge according to the actual weight or volume of each particular package, whichever is greater. Due to the fact that it is not yet technically possible to determine these parameters at this stage in the transaction we can only provide an approximate shipping charge value. We are working on a solution to this unsatisfactory state of affairs in order to provide you with the exact total cost of every order.


1.4. Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box address?

No, this is not possible. Please always choose a physical delivery address to guarantee a proper delivery of your order. 


1.5 Is it possible to add items to my current order while it is being processed?

Yes, in principle your order can always be changed up to the point of its commissioning, or compilation, in our warehouse. You can call us at the shop and have items added, removed or their quantities adjusted to your satisfaction. A touch more elegance is provided with the online method. After logging in with your personal code into the 'User' area, click the 'orderdetails’ link. You will then be presented with a chronological record of your orders, starting with the most recent. To the right of this list a number of 'Icons' should appear, including one with a stylised package and magnifying glass (Order Adjustment). Once you have clicked upon this icon you will be presented with an overview of your current order with the option of adding to, removing from and adjusting your order to your hearts content.


1.6 I have one (or more) item(s) on order, that according to the delivery date provided should have already arrived in your warehouse. Why have I not received these items and why have I not been informed that these products are again available?

We do our best to have all advertised items in stock, at all times. Regrettably it can occasionally occur that we do not have absolutely everything instantly available. Due to our large network of suppliers, delays are not always avoidable. You can of course telephone us at any time, during office hours, for a more solid delivery date, although we cannot guarantee one every time. What helps in the most cases is patience. As long as you have reserved an article you will be automatically informed, in the form of an E-mail, as soon as it is available.


1.7 What should I do if I receive my package from SIP Scootershop but some items are missing or damaged?

Firstly, you should check your package upon receipt for any damage. In the case of any visually obvious damage the package should be opened, in the presence of the courier, to check for further damage to its contents or any missing parts. If so, you then fill out the damage report form included and give it to the courier. If the package itself was intact on delivery, but its contents incomplete or damaged please call our reclamations hotline (+49 8191 96 999 40) and we will do our best to find a quick solution. If you suspect that items are missing, first check the included invoice as it may not have been available for inclusion at the time of dispatch. These items are quickly identified with a quantity value of zero, a lack of price and their possible date of availability for future delivery.


1.8. Can you check if the parts I have ordered are correct for my scooter?

If you are unsure if the parts you have put into your shopping cart are really the correct ones for your specific scooter model, you have several options. One way to check adaptability is to have a look at the model application list that you can conveniently find at the bottom of each product page. If you are still unsure, please either send a request through our online contact form or, if you need the advice urgently, please call our hotline +49 8191 96 999 69. If you go ahead and order the parts and leave a note in the message box at the end of the order process online that says something like “Please check whether these parts will fit my PX80”, we cannot guarantee whether this will really be done.



2. Questions related to the payment of your order


2.1. I have ordered a couple of parts but you have only sent me part of my order because the rest of the items were not available. Have I been charged at PayPal or on my credit card for all items?

No. When you order online using the payment method credit card or PayPal, you are authorizing an amount that can be charged by SIP Scootershop. If one or several of the parts ordered are not available and we ship the rest of the order immediately, we only charge the amount due for all available items. The remaining amount remains an authorization for some time before being automatically cancelled by PayPal or your bank. So technically speaking this is an amount that is blocked on your card/in your account so that you cannot use it but it hasn’t yet been charged by SIP Scootershop.


2.2 I have accumulated customer credit on my account with you. In an attempt to spend it I still had to enter my method of payment while ordering, even though the item is worth less than the credit I am owed. Why?

Our system first checks for eventual customer credits shortly before the items are dispatched, not immediately during or following the telephone or online order. This means we first require the payment to be authorised. The sum in question will not be charged as the ordered item appears on the invoice with a zero as its price. The reservation for payment from either your credit card or the PayPal system will then lapse automatically with no extra charge.


2.3 I possess neither a credit card nor a Pay Pal account, how can I pay for my order?

Alongside credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) and PayPal we accept AmazonPayments, payment per Maestro as well as COD. COD is possible in many EU countries, but only with UPS, as DHL only offer this service internationally for Switzerland.


2.4. Can you declare my invoice with a lower value so I can save on customs fees and taxes in my country?

No. Declaring invoices with lower item values is fraud. If you live in a country with high import duties or taxes, please make sure in advance you know how much additional costs you will have to pay to receive your parts. If we send your parts, you are responsible for making sure that the parcel can be delivered. If you refuse to accept your parcel, we will have to charge you for both the shipping costs to your country and back to SIP Scootershop. 



3. Questions concerning the return of orders

3.1 I would like to return items previously ordered and received. How do I go about this?

We here at SIP Scootershop, include a return form with every order we dispatch. Firstly, please fill out this form as completely as possible and place it in the return package, along with a copy of the original invoice. Please return the package with the most economic postal method available. As soon as it arrives here it is then quickly processed by our reclamation department as to whether we can refund the cost of the item in question. If the fault for the mistake is ours, we will of course also refund the extra shipping costs occurred. Possible credits due to returned items can be reimbursed in the form of a cheque, a transferral to your bank account or as a return booking to your credit card or PayPal account. We can also store the amount in the form of customer credit, to cover future orders.


If you have further questions please don´t hesitate to call us or send a message.

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